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Raja Yoga Sutras 2012-1 - Sunday, January 22, 2012

Raja Yoga literally means Royal Yoga. The ancient Yogis of India discovered the mystic secrets of the mind through their inner experience of concentration, meditation and Samadhi. Sage Patanjali who existed centuries before Christ, compiled their revelations in the form of aphorisms or Sutras. The Raja Yoga Sutras is an unparalleled work of ancient psychology, parapsychology and spirituality. It presents practical guidelines and disciplines for attaining success in every aspect of life leading to God-realization. May you practice Yoga and find for yourself the joys of possessing a body that is healthy, a mind that is controlled, senses that are mastered, and a soul that communes with God. A God-ward mind is the boundless source of all that is good, sublime and glorious! May God bless you! Sutras 1-2.

Run time 43 minutes 18 seconds
Producer Swami Jyotirmayananda
Audio/Visual sound


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